The Jaguar XJ 

This car has survived in many different guises since it first hit the scene back in the 60’s.  A product of Sir William, this model has passed the test of time, although the latest offering may not appeal to the older generation of Jaguar Enthusiast. It is seen as a leap to far and too technically advanced for some. The jury was still out with me on this but I must admit it’s hard not to like The 5lt Autobiography model shown here. 

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Thermostat problems

David O Brien has had an over heating problem with his S Type. He has traced this to a faulty thermostat and fitted a new one supplied by Ken Jenkins.

David has recently converted his garage to facilitate a new car lift. This involved removing the ceiling and supporting the existing roof trusses. A must for any serious car enthusiast who likes to work on their vehicle. Fantastic addition David, great job. 

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Sir William Lyons

The great man, who started it all. Today is his birthday and were he alive today,

 he would be 116 years old. I have included a few photos. The Jaguar brand is as strong as ever. In a highly competitive automotive industry it has adjusted to the challenges demanded of our modern society. It is as strong and exciting as ever and this is reflected in the strong sales  achieved worldwide by this unique brand.  Continue reading “Sir William Lyons”