Meeting Report 26-April-23

Notes from our April monthly meeting, held over Zoom because the Derry event is happening within a few days:

  • Some members are heading to Derry on Friday, most seem to be going on Saturday. And some going through Dublin, others based in the west heading directly up the west coast. Everyone’s getting their cars prepared for the event, and hoping for good weather!
  • There were a few technical discussions:
    • Firstly, regarding a Series 3 intermittent stall issue. Electrical wiring has been a focus of investigation
    • The conversation turned to the reliability of Toyotas, with reports of a Toyota Camry being named (by a mechanic) as the most reliable car on the road!
    • Then the exhaust on a Mk2, and flexible sections of an exhaust to isolate the box and pipes from the movement of the engine on its mountings.
  • The next event after Derry is the Youghal event, and we won’t have a monthly meeting before that so we’ll communicate arrangements via the WhatsApp group.