Customs Implications for Non-EU Online Shopping

One of our members recently received an email from An Post, regarding VAT and customs charges for online shopping outside the EU. Clearly it’s relevant to us when we order parts, tools and other materials for our cars from abroad, particularly in the light of Brexit. Here is the text of the email:

“From July 1st 2021, VAT and customs charges will apply when you shop online outside of the EU. We’re here to help you understand these changes and continue to invest in new technology to make online shopping easy.

What does this mean?
VAT and customs charges already apply to AddressPal purchases from Great Britain and USA with a value greater than €22. From July 1st the VAT exemption of €22 will be removed. VAT and customs charges will now apply to all applicable items.

How will I know if I have to pay a charge?
If Irish Revenue have applied VAT and customs charges to your AddressPal order, An Post will send you an email and text message providing a unique reference number specific to your order detailing the charges that have been applied.

How can I pay a customs charge?
The charges can be paid simply at or at any post office using your unique reference number before we deliver your parcel.”

The email included a link to a web-page with more detail –

The information above is specific to An Post. Other carriers will have their own arrangements, probably some with penal ‘administrative charges’.