AGM 2021

Our AGM last year was held in the Garryvoe Hotel. This year, due to our enforced separation, we met on Zoom. No comparison between the two venues, and we’re hoping that everybody’s situation improves through 2021 so that we normality before 2022. Here’s hoping!

Our Chairman, John Sheehan, opened the AGM by welcoming all present, then handed over to the other officers for their reports.

Secretary’s report (Jonathan Sherwin) – a review of the events of the past year

  • When we prepared our Calendar of Events at the AGM in February 2020, things looked very different.
  • Our plans changed from the 12th of March 2020, with the introduction of a lockdown, and we had to postpone and then cancel events as the situation progressed.
  • As it turned out, we successfully held two events during the August / September window between lockdowns, which was an achievement in the circumstances.
  • The first event was a picnic in Gouganebarra, which was a welcome outing for many members who had not met for months. Gouganebarra was idyllic in the early Autumn sun.
  • The second event was the weekend in Ballylickey. We had to restrict the numbers so as not to risk breaching health guidelines. Even so, those attending savoured the freedom and, of course, the food laid on by Ronan and his staff.
  • Outside of those events, we kept in touch by holding our monthly meetings on Zoom. Initially, it was just the committee meeting, to get our heads around the technology, and then we opened it up to those members who wanted to participate.

Treasurer’s report (John O’Driscoll) – financial statement

  • We had no outgoings last year.
  • Regional membership fees are due.
  • With Brexit, our region is no longer covered the central club insurance, so we will need to arrange our own as a region.

Election of officers

  • Chairman – John Sheehan (proposed by Rodney, seconded by Pat O’B)
  • Treasurer / PR – John O’Driscoll (proposed by Eoin, seconded by Anton)
  • Events Organiser – Michael Mullins / Rodney Warnock (proposed by John Sh, seconded by John O’D)
  • Technical Advisers – Larry Mohally / Leo O’Sullivan (John O’D, seconded by John Sh)
  • Secretary / IT – Jonathan Sherwin (proposed by John Sh, seconded by Larry)

Events agreed for 2021 Calendar

  • Sat 26th June – day trip to Doneraile House, COVID regulations permitting.
  • Last week of July, first week of August – possible second event.
  • Fri 3rd, Sat 4th September – Ballylickey weekend.