Meeting Report 25-Sep-19

It was a smaller group of stalwarts than usual that met in the Kingsley Hotel for the monthly meeting. We had apologies from a few of the regulars, so our best to everyone and we hope to get together again soon.

Tonight, we chatted about fan-belts, antique medals, how lucky Larry is, spiders, gaskets, and we had a few more serious things to talk about:

  • The November meeting will be in Eirin and Jonathan’s house again this year.
  • The Ballylickey event went very well. Our thanks to our friends in the IJDC for their enthusiastic participation, there was a great atmosphere of camaraderie. See the two reports elsewhere on this site for photos and more details of how it all went.
  • The trip to Coventry was a smaller event, with just 7 of us travelling,