Coventry Trip 2019

As far as Club events go, our recent trip to Jaguar Heritage in the British Motor Museum in Coventry will be hard to top. We were treated to a bespoke tour of the Jaguar section by Tony Merrygold, who shared his in-depth knowledge of the cars with us. It was exciting to see the cars that we have had in Terenure over the past decade on display and housed in this modern facility.

The afternoon was taken up with a visit to Jaguar Classic, to meet a long time friend of the Club, Tony O Keeffe. We were once again treated to a bespoke tour of this incredible facility, where bringing Jaguars from a bygone era back to life, is the order of the day.

A trip to Coventry would not be complete without meeting our good friends, Roger & Stuart who took the time to share their knowledge of both facilities and navigate the route between both. Chris Atkinson from JLR also joined us on the day in his super F Type and I think I might even owe him a drink next time I see him!

Thank to everyone for making it a memorable day.