Meeting Report 27-Feb-19

Our first ordinary meeting of the year took place in our regular venue of the Kingsley Hotel, at 8:30pm on Wednesday 27th February. The mornings are brighter already, and the days are getting longer – it won’t be long before we’re taking the cars out for runs and weekends away again. Items discussed at the meeting:

  • Some members will make it to Scotland for the weekend in May with our friends in other clubs, and other regions of our own club. There was some discussion about arrangements and bookings for that weekend.
  • Note the change to the Mount Congreve day run in June – it’s been moved to a week earlier, now scheduled for 8th June.
  • Then we had a wide-ranging discussion covering walnut-veneer workshops in England, a forge in Dublin, antiques in Belfast, and finished off by watching a clip of Fred Dibnah, Steeplejack, on the Internet.