AGM & Christmas Lunch 2019

We had our Christmas lunch in the Garryvoe Hotel on Sunday last, 27th January. Maybe that’s stretching Christmas a bit, but it’s worked well for the last few years combining the lunch with our AGM and this year was no exception. After a waist-expanding 3-course lunch,  and the annual raffle (where everyone was a winner!), we got down to business.

The first order of the meeting was to relay apologies from those unable to make it in person – thanks to Christie and Mary for sending a spot prize for the raffle in their absence; best wishes to Michael and Mary.

First to speak was our Chairman who gave a combined Chairman’s / Secretary’s report.

  • Running through the events of 2018, particular highlights were the National Weekend in Omagh with our friends in the IJDC, JEC N.I. and JDC N.I, and also the Terenure Car Show where the RD6 concept car made an appearance courtesy of Jaguar Heritage and with the support of Spirit Motor Group.
  • We had seven monthly meetings in the Kingsley Hotel since the 2018 AGM, and our November meeting was at Jonathan & Eirin’s.

The Treasurer spoke next.

  • The good news is that our club account is in the black. Our outgoings as a club were for the Classic Car Show in Terenure, and that was funded by the regional membership, the Christmas raffle, and the generous sponsorship of Spirit Motor Group.
  • The club now has a Facebook page – look for ‘IJEC Irish Jaguar Enthusiast Club’. The page has attracted 252 friends in its first two weeks.
  • The Classic Car Show in Terenure will be a particular focus for our club in 2019, and we would like to encourage as many members as possible to participate in the show. If you have a Jaguar, please bring it to put on the stand for the day. If you don’t have a Jaguar, or it’s not possible to bring it, of course we’d be delighted to see you at the show anyway. As usual, we will work with Jaguar Heritage and Spirit Motor Group to try to bring a car from the heritage collection to have on our stand. Over the years this cooperation has brought an impressive list of stunning cars to the car show – including the XK180, D-Type, XJ220, SS1 Tourer, Broadspeed XJ12 Coupe, and last year’s RD6 concept car. What car from the heritage collection would you like to see at the 2019 show? Email us with your suggestions.

Some correspondence from JEC Bristol and JEC Northern Ireland regarding data collection, submission and GDPR was discussed. Our monthly meeting venue was considered, and we agreed to stick with the location of the Kingsley Hotel. We then came to the matter of our calendar of events. See the updated Calendar of Events page for the outcome of that conversation.

The last item for discussion was the election of officers. The results were:

  • Chairman: John Sheehan – proposed by Larry, seconded by Leo
  • Secretary / IT: Jonathan Sherwin – proposed by John (Sh), seconded by John (O’D)
  • Treasurer / PR: John O’Driscoll – proposed by Jonathan, seconded by Val
  • Events Organisers: Michael Mullins, Rodney Warnock – proposed by Jonathan, seconded by John (O’D)
  • Technical Advice / Support: Larry Mohally, Leo O’Sullivan – proposed by John (Sh), seconded by Pat (S)

At this point it was after 4pm, so we wrapped up the proceedings, said our goodbyes and went our various ways. Thanks to the staff and management of the Garryvoe Hotel for a pleasant day out: we felt very welcome, they took good care of us, and were in no rush to have us finish up. We look forward to a return visit next year!