Meeting Report 27-June-18

It was 23 degrees centigrade, with the sun shining down the Lee valley towards us in the Kingsley Hotel on the last Wednesday in June. All the doors were open in the hotel to keep things cool, and there was a lazy, summery atmosphere that suited our mood. I’m just recording all of this now, because chances are in a week we won’t be able to believe that we actually had a summer…

We had a few things to talk about:

  • Arrangements are ongoing for Ballylickey. Hotel rooms are booked, and we have a good idea of who’s going to be there for the weekend.
  • The classic car show in Dublin is only a few days away. Looks like it will be a fantastic weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing Spirit Motor Group’s new show room.
  • There will be no club meeting at the end of July – after the car show, we meet next on Wednesday 29th August, a few days before we head to Ballylickey.