Meeting Report 27-Sep-17

The latest from the Kingsley Hotel…

  • The 7th October is coming up fast, and we had planned to do a run that day – however, many members are busy at this time of the year, and we’re going to have to leave it for now, and maybe come back to the idea for next year’s calendar of events.
  • The Wexford trip was a great success, as is probably obvious from the trip report elsewhere on this website. Well done to Rodney for organising the event.
  • The NEC Car Show in the UK is coming up soon – some members are going.
  • Discussion as the XJ12 Broadspeed that we brought to the IJDC’s Classic Car Show in Dublin earlier this year, and what cars might be nice to see there in the future…
  • Area 30 of the Jaguar Drivers’ Club is organising the annual National Weekend for the 5th and 6th of May 2018, touring counties Tyrone and Fermanagh. Full details here: 2018 NATIONAL JAGUAR WEEKEND.
  • We talked about a venue for the Christmas lunch this year, and agreed to go again to the Garryvoe Hotel.
  • There was a technical question about a battery for a Series 2 XJ6. The original battery is no longer available. The suggestion from our technical expert was to go for a physically smaller battery with the same capacity, possible a dry-cell battery.