NCT Snigger. 

A big day in the life of every motorist. Booked in, and reminder  set in your  phone, on the off chance it might slip your mind. In reality it  has probably been in your every thought on the days leading up to the test.

For people like me, who like to drive an old Jaguar,  the anxiety levels before a test day are quite an experience. My 2004 2.7 Diesel engined S Type falls right in to this category. So the day before the test I cleaned, polished and tested the lights for deficient bulbs and checked the usual minor things that can be addressed by an unskilled enthusiast with little mechanical knowledge. A week before hand a new water pump had been fitted and I replaced 3 of the tyres.

All seemed to be in good working order, so I parked it in its usual garaged space. Once more going over it with a polishing cloth to bring up the shine on its metallic paint. Later that evening I was procured to drop my daughter to a friends house.  Glad that the rain had stopped and I would be driving on a relatively dry surface. On the way home a rear brake light failure, warning light lit up the dashboard . This was approximately 11 pm  and the test was at 10 o clock the following morning. When I arrived back in my garage I parked the car up and switched the engine off.  With the assistance of my youngest daughter who pressed the brake pedal, I checked out the offending bulb. I was surprised to see it working and the warning gone from the dashboard. Begs the question, was my car having a quiet little snigger to its self, at my expense!!!!

I was amused by this I must admit. The following morning the car was brought to my local test centre and sailed through the test, with no advisories. I managed to sneak one photo of it undergoing the process despite warning notices advising against.

Until next year then………