Meeting Report 26-April-17

We met on a bright April evening to talk about Jaguar-related issues:

  • Bantry was a great weekend, all credit to Michael for arranging it and planning out the activities (the dinner and overnight in Seaview House Hotel, trip to Cape Clear, drive through Kenmare to Killarney, and lunch in Muckross House). A trip report will be added soon.
  • Further discussion and arrangements for meeting up for the Windsor trip.
  • Terenure is on the horizon, and we will need to start booking our cars in. More about this soon. Suggestion for hotel accommodation: IMI Residence, Sandyford, Dublin. €119 per room currently.
  • In the meantime, our next event is the day-trip to Fort Camden, Crosshaven.
  • Important technical advice for care of our classics: because of the proportion of ethanol in modern petrol, we need to use an additive when filling our tanks. The ethanol is causing petrol tanks to rot, pipes to rot, problems with carburettors and seals, and engines to fail. The recommended additive is “Millers VSPe Power Plus Multishot Lead Replacement Fuel Additive”. It costs about €36 for 500ml, and that treats 500L of petrol – between 6 and 10 tank refills, for our cars.