Interesting Jaguar News 

I have intended, for sometime now to take the time to write some articles on The Jaguar brand in its modern form. Taking the time is  usually what prevented me from starting this endeavour. However I will, whenever I get a moment add snippets to the website to voice my findings. I hope you find them interesting and if you have any contributions please email them for inclusion.

I have just received the monthly update from the SIMI Motorstats and it has some interesting facts on Jaguar & Landrover.  Sales of vehicles by brand, show the FPace as the top selling vehicle for Jaguar Landrover, and proves the successful path that Jaguars new design strategy is heading in.

The FPace has outsold the Discovery Sport and outsold every other Jaguar model combined by almost double. People who never bought Jaguar before now see the brand as an affordable and interesting choice. I recently spoke to a neighbour, who  purchased an FPace and was surprised by it s great value. Her past vehicles would have been Mercedes or BMW. She seemed very pleased with the vehicle and highly praised it.

I’ve listed the sales figures, and I have a more detailed break down if anyone wants to send me an email I can share them with you.                    

Jaguar   2017 January Sales 

FPace. 120.                                                                                      

XE.        32.                                                                                       

XJ.           3.                                                                                       

FType.    2. 

Range Rover 

Discovery Sport.       88

Evoque.                       63 

Range Rover Sport.  50

Range Rover.            43 

Although Range Rover sold more units in January, what’s interesting is the performance of the FPace, eating into the Land Rover unit sales. The Discovery would have predominantly achieved the higher sales in this bracket in previous years.

They are launching a new model later this year that sits between the Evoque and the Range Rover. A space some might argue is already filled by the Discovery or Range Rover Sport. It’s to be named the Range Rover Velar and is rumoured to be the most radical-looking Range Rover in the brands history. A mid sized SUV-coupe set to challenge the Porsche’s Macan, BMW X 6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe.  The name resurrects the Velar name used on secret Range Rover prototypes made in the late 1960s. It will be built along side the FPace and Range Rover Sport in the companies Solihull plant and will as standard, boast an aluminium body.

Jaguar Engine Heist. I have just received a report that thieves have stolen two containers of Jaguar engines in a daring heist. Armed with a truck and paperwork the thieves drove into Jaguar, hooked up a container and drove out with the container full of engines. It only took 6 minutes to get in and out. So confident were they that they returned later that day and repeated the heist for a second time, netting them over £3 million in Jaguars finest engines. The containers were later found without any sign of the engines. This has posed many questions from a  security point as to how a thief knows where a container full of engines is stored and  how to get the necessary paperwork to pass security. Jaguar has offered a substantial reward to anyone who can help find the missing engines.

That’s all for today.