AGM Report 25-Jan-2017

Our 2017 AGM took place at the Kingsley Hotel, Cork from 8pm on Wednesday 25th January.

Attending were: Larry & Bernie, Leo & Abi, Rodney, Michael & Mary, Pat & David, John (O’D), John (Sh), Jonathan, and Pat (Se).

The chairman (John Sh) opened the meeting, welcoming us to the Kingdon-Ward Suite (which was prepared impeccably for us by the staff of the Kingsley Hotel).

  • John outlined the agenda, and began his report by thanking the officers for their work during the year.
  • Looking at the 2016 Calendar of Events, John picked out some highlights – such as the trip to Wexford, visiting Wells House and Gardens (and we will have to make it back there in the future, hopefully coinciding with their car show), or the annual Classic and Vintage Car Show organised by the IJDC in Terenure, and where Larry’s restored XK120 was the highlight of our stand and the show, winning two awards. Spike Island was a trip that surprised everyone with the range and depth of history on display – a fascinating and enjoyable event in spite of the weather.
  • John finished by expressing his appreciation for those who took the time and trouble to attend the meeting, mentioning and thanking those who sent apologies for being unable to attend, and emphasising the importance of the AGM – the meeting where everybody present has the opportunity to set the course of the club for the next year. He then called on the treasurer to give his report.

The treasurer (John O’D) gave a run down on the financial state of the club.

  • We started the year with a healthy balance in the account, and finished with a bit less but still in the black. Our major expenses in 2016 were to the Kingsley Hotel for the room for last years’ AGM, and for the marquee at the car show in Terenure. Our major sources of income were the membership fees and the Christmas raffle.
  • There followed a discussion on members who come to a few meetings and then drift away and if anything should be done to address that – the chairman and others said that in their experience all clubs are the same.
  • That led us on to talk about how many people over the years have bought a car and then joined a club, instead of doing it the right way: join a club, and use the expertise of people in the club to help find the right car.
  • We talked about how to encourage people to join the club – Leo suggested putting more information about joining on our website. Jonathan agreed to add an instruction to the ‘Join’ page on the website, with the email address for contacting the treasurer for information about joining and how to pay the regional membership. On that note, the regional membership fee of €25 was collected from those present.

The secretary (Jonathan) reported relevant matters:

  • 2016 saw us meet 11 times for monthly meetings, we held 7 events, and there were 3 committee meetings.
  • The officers filled their roles without fault, and worked as a team to promote and run the club, as evidenced by the success of the events and the fact that we’re all still talking to each other!
  • We had communication with the JEC Northern Ireland Region through John O’D, who is working on facilitating a group from the region joining us on our stand at the Classic and Vintage Car Show in Dublin in 2017.
  • Our monthly meetings have been held mostly at the Kingsley, with the exception of technical nights or social get-togethers at members homes. The venue of the Kingsley has worked well, so we plan to continue meeting here.
  • John O’D has submitted 4 articles to the club magazine during the year. Unfortunately, due to hiccups in the process (no fault of John’s), 3 of those were not published. Those hiccups should be resolved now.

The election of officers took place, with these appointments:

  • Chairman: John Sh, proposed by Jonathan, seconded by Leo.
  • Secretary: Jonathan, proposed by John O’D, seconded by Pat O’B.
  • Treasurer: John O’D, proposed by John Sh, seconded by Michael.
  • Events Organiser:
    • Michael, proposed by Rodney, seconded by Larry.
    • Rodney, proposed by John Sh, seconded by Leo.
  • IT & Website: Jonathan, proposed by John O’D, seconded by John Sh.
  • PR & Website: John O’D, proposed by Michael, seconded by Rodney.
  • Technical Advisor:
    • Larry, proposed by John O’D, seconded by Jonathan.
    • Leo, proposed by John O’D, seconded by Jonathan.

An outline 2017 Calendar of Events was agreed after discussion, with dates and locations of events. Details will be confirmed after research by the events organisers, further discussion within the committee, and consideration at monthly meetings.

A proposal to increase the regional membership fee to €25 was discussed, agreed and applied immediately for this year. This should help ensure that we can cover our costs and still maintain a positive balance in the club bank account.


  • Our technical advisor, Larry, stated his desire to have more technical discussion at the monthly meetings, so that all attending could benefit – since a problem that affects one member today could hit another member down the road. Currently, someone comes to a meeting with a technical problem, they normally talk to Larry and/or Leo outside of the formal meeting format, in a group with maybe a couple of other members listening in. A suggestion was to have a fixed agenda item for the monthly meetings, ‘Technical Issues’ or similar. We agree to try this and figure out what works best over time.
  • Our chairman, John, paid a mark of respect to the late Doug McCoy, of Spirit Motor Group, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. Doug was of great help to our club, an utter gentleman, a pleasure to deal with, and always visited our stand at the classic car show in Terenure. He will be missed.