Meeting Report 26-October-2016

The evenings are getting shorter, but the faithful still turn up at the Kingsley Hotel on the last Wednesday of every month.

  • Michael reported on his recent trip to Peru, visiting Lima (“a lovely place”), Puno on Lake Titicaca, taking the train from Puno to Cuzco (“a beautiful city”), trekked to Macchu Picchu before finishing up at Ollantaytambo.
  • The trip to England is coming up soon for members going to the NEC. Landing at the airport in Birmingham and going to the Jaguar Factory in Coventry for a tour. On to Leaping Cats and from there to Coventry Auto Museum. Meeting Roger and Stuart for dinner that night, and going to the NEC for the Classic Motor Show the next day.
  • Christmas lunch arrangements: 4th December, location to be confirmed.
  • Arrangements for November meeting to follow.
  • The Northern Ireland Region of the JEC plan to join us for the IJDC’s Vintage and Classic Car Show in 2017.
  • Larry told us of his woes with the engine in his XK120. He wasn’t happy with the running of the engine, did a compression test and found he had no pressure in one cylinder, and not enough in any of the others. It turned out that a local engineering firm that had done some of the work during the renovation of the engine had swapped the inlet and outlet valves.