Ashford Trip


Ashford, Wicklow Trip, 18th-19th April 2015.

Saturday morning, 18th April, saw us on the motorway to Dublin from Cork, on our way to Ashford in Co. Wicklow for our first trip of the year. It was a fine day for driving, and Powerscourt Estate looked it’s best as we drove through it to have lunch in the Avoca Terrace Cafe. We parked the cars in the overflow car-park, and Val’s F-Type seemed happy to relax surrounded by Mk2’s and E-Type’s.

After lunch, and a browse through the Avoca Stores and the Garden Centre, we drove on to Rathmore Holiday Village in Ashford, where we were warmly welcomed with tea, coffee and home baking. Having made ourselves at home in our rooms and cottages, we gathered at 7 to travel in convoy to the Mystic Celt restaurant in Wicklow town. The Mystic Celt turned out to be a hidden gem – compliments to the chef and to the staff who were very accommodating.

On Sunday, after a full Irish breakfast in Rathmore Holiday Village, we drove to Wicklow Jail and spent a very interesting hour or more learning about the history of the place and the characters who populated it. No harm to remind ourselves of how good we have it, austerity and all, compared to the poor people of the past. Back into the cars, we headed North again, towards Laragh, to park up and have lunch in the Wicklow Heather. A very nice gentleman was worried about the safety of leaving our cars at the side of the road, and invited us to park in his driveway – an offer we couldn’t refuse. The day was pushing on, so after lunch we said our goodbyes and made our various ways home. A successful weekend, and a great start to the summer.

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