Technical Night


Technical Night, 25th March 2015.

Our monthly meeting for March was held at Larry and Bernie’s, starting in the garage, where Larry showed us the current state of his XK120 FHC. Hard to believe that it’s two and half years since we stood in Larry’s garage while he explained the bodywork he had been doing over the previous months and years. Hard to believe, except that it’s obvious a huge amount of work has been done since then. Of particular note was the work on front and rear indicators and front side-lights, improving in clever ways on the original design which of course was for a different era. Larry showed us the dash (out of the car) with back-lit instruments, the underside of the car with twin exhaust pipes mounted, the ceramic-coated manifolds, and the restored steering wheel (also out of the car still). He even found an opportunity to give this enthusiast some tips on polishing the aluminium head on the XK engine – filed away for use later when I’m much older and have time to be doing those jobs ;-).

After our thirst for technical knowledge was quenched, it was time to eat and drink and Bernie had been working hard all day to be ready for us – tea, scones, brack, little rectangular pastries with jam and cream in them and icing suger sprinkled on top… I should have taken a photograph of them. There was more to eat too, but I couldn’t fit all of it, and I particularly regret not trying the gooseberry jam. Next time!

New member Val joined us on the night and was entertained along with the rest of us with stories of motoring high-jinx from years past by various members. Probably best not to repeat those stories here, but we won’t forget them soon anyway. A great night had by everyone, thanks to Larry and Bernie for their hospitality again.

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